Saturday, July 12, 2008


The sale went pretty well today - not as much as we would have gotten if we had put our stuff out during the city-wide in early June (just more people around then!), but okay. We ended up with $250.50 after taking out the money I need to pay my sister - my mom brought down a bunch of vintage jewelry and told me I could keep half of what they sold for, but needed to give my sister half, too. Nice mom. :)

I have so much left - there were 6 boxes that I couldn't even get out there because I was out of room, and at least 6 left in the basement that I couldn't get to (timewise). So, we packed it up and will open again next weekend. My sister says she will come down. Hopefully, she'll show up this time.

I also packed some of the stuff into the truck to take to a flea market tomorrow. It's going to take about an hour to get there (back roads - the highways still have some water on them, but there's also construction at the main turn I needed to take...figures...). We'll see how that goes. My sister is supposed to meet me there, and she better darn well show, because dh isn't coming along and I'll need company. And someone to watch my stuff while I go to the bathroom. :)

Okay - I'm just pooped, so I'm heading off to bed. I updated my ticker...cuz it's just cool. :)


Financially Broke said...

:) I am glad that your sale got to go on, even with the weather forecast! I have never made that much at a yard sale... I think the most I have ever made was $100 and that was selling a LOT of stuff since I sold everything for a quarter! (it is referred to as the "quarter sale". That sale was basically nothing but baby clothes.... 25 transportation boxes of baby clothes.... oh my goodness.)

Good luck tomorrow at the flea market! I hope your sister shows up to, because it would be awfully hard to drag everything to the bathroom with you! :)

Tiffanie @ said...

nice to have some cash for stuff you don't need/want anymore! i'd be happy if i could make that much off stuff :) good job.