Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, things are a bust for the moment! I'm trying to reconnoiter (what a great word!).

My sister has gone up north to hit the flea market circuit. I can't join her because I'm still teaching summer school, so that stinks. No rummage sale this weekend, no flea market this weekend. Two days ago we were going to go, but ended up not because it was supposed to rain. So...

I'm hoping I can talk dh into going out to the flea market this weekend - we'll see.

BUT -- I did get a bunch of photos taken for ebay stuff. Almost 50, although a lot of them were for the same auction. So my plan for today after work is to resize and upload them, then get at least 3 auctions started. I can handle that.

I also need to update our money stuff so that I can repay ourselves for postage on auctions that ended last week. Then, I'll be able to update my ticker!

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