Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, I think I've hit the end of my summer blitz on ebay. I'm just too tired to deal with it anymore! I did sell a LOT of stuff, and I have a pile downstairs just waiting to be listed, but I'm not anxious to get them all on there right now. Maybe by the end of Sept, I don't know. Just tired.

Sometimes it's discouraging to see how little I made from all of this work, but I have to think about all the junk getting out of the house and some extra money. Unfortunately, most of it went to unexpected expenses and us just being lazy at the end of the summer, but at least we didn't have to use the cc, and we were able to send some to the WF cc. Not as much as I'd have liked, but some.

I'll update the ticker as soon as I get all my payments and take out the fees. I'm still waiting on a few people.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Auction successes!

I've had some success with the auctions that have been going on - still waiting for some payments, but I think some people are still bidding on auctions that haven't ended yet.

Even if I don't get another single bid, I'll be able to increase my little ticker down there by another $150 or so.

And - I'm planning to hit the flea market on Sunday for one more try! I may make that $1000 yet!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Auction Mania!

I've gotten into a groove - to get listings on ebay. Since we have decided not to do the Labor Day flea market, I need to work a little more on getting auctions listed and stuff outta here!

I thoroughly went through the sewing studio and culled a lot of material. Nothing huge in the whole scheme of things, but a great start to get things back to normal (aka: useable).

The fabric listings go quickly once I get started, because I can reuse a the earlier listing. Auctiva ( makes it SO much easier, it's not even funny. They remember all that stuff you have to type into each listing. Sa-weet!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pert Plus find!

I get so excited with the couponing sometimes...I got the $3 off any Pert Plus Botanicals, and went off to Woodman's, where I had seen it before. It wasn't on sale for $1.99 anymore, but regular price there was $2.59, so I was hoping for $.40 overage on each one ...

And got it! I still have 12 coupons left - almost $5 worth of overage.

Now...should I order more to use before the end of the month...?

(these all go in the sale pile for the flea market or the rummage next June)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here I go!

Alrighty -

I'm not going to let the 11 auctions that ended last night with ZERO bids get me down. Nope. It was annoying, I'll survive.

(Although it sucks that I paid $.35 for each of those and saw NOTHING out of it...)

But -

Here I go -----

Tonight, I'm taking pics from the sewing studio.

I'm going to get ready to list about a hundred yards of fleece (different colors and cuts), about 50 yards of flannel (different colors and cuts) and about 30 yards of satin and velvet.

This is the time of year to do it, so that's promising. I was worried about the weight, but lots of fleece is selling, so I'm hopeful.

And I'm starting it dirt-cheap. I got most of the fleece and flannel for $1 a yard, so if I get my money back on it, I'll be delighted.

And ALL of it can go towards paying down the bed (our current target, just over $1000 at the moment), which is cool. Soon, we'll have enough paid down that I'll actually be able to work on the cc's that are actually on the pie chart on the sidebar!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well, a few things to report on!

Dh and I went to the State Fair on Friday, and I went again with my sister yesterday. Loads of fun, but stayed totally within budget, which was awesome. Gotta love it.

Got 10 bottles of Pert Plus botanicals from Kmart for free. There is a coupon for $3/1, and Kmart regular price is $2.99. Not even a sale! So I stocked up on those. It cost me $3 for the coupons + tax. So about $.35 a bottle after all that. I have 20 more coupons coming, and those will come to about $.26 a bottle after the cost of coupons and tax. And we were at Woodman's today - they have these same bottles for $1.99 - but I'm not sure if Woodman's will give overage. It sure would be cool if they did!!

Also got 6 bottles of Vive Pro from Shopko for free. They have a buy one get one free sale, and I have a buy one get one free coupon. All free! These will come out a little higher after the cost of the coupons, though - about $.39 each. Still worth it. And I still have a few coupons left for when they restock before next Saturday when the sale ends.

I start jury duty tomorrow and hope to get caught up on some reading. They pay $32 a day plus mileage, which should come to about $38 a day. If I'm there a few days, that will allow me to get caught up with my prof journals plus get a little chunk to send off to the bed debt. Not bad. Hopefully it won't be 10 days of sitting there bored out of my skull and no trial.

And we made about $25 on ebay sales. Not terrific, but not terrible. I have a bunch relisted and a few new ones, too.

Otherwise, I worked on getting laundry caught up, getting the kitchen back to normal, and trying to get the living room cleaned up. How exciting!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I really wasn't moping this long, but you guys are very sweet for your notes. :) We left to drive to KY on Friday morning, and I just ran out of time! Our "vacation" was hectic and frazzled (everyone wants to see dh and there's only so many days), but we ended it with a day at Natural Bridge State Park in KY and it was wonderful.

And, we paid cash.

And, we didn't go over budget.

So that was just cool.

I was able to get 17 auctions ready to post while we were gone, and they're ending tonight. Not a ton of bids, but with any luck they will go higher before they're done, and there are a lot of watchers, so that's good.

Not much else going on. I'm still tired from the trip, and it's kind of hard to get my rest. I just completed some training to work with the state, which will give me another $200 to put towards...probably paying off the bed. And I plan to work on getting some more stuff ready for flea markets and ebay. So -- it's all good.

I really don't like looking at the whole debt picture because it just brings me down. I need to take smaller steps. Or, like they say - how do you eat an elephant?

One piece at a time.

I need to focus on that. I do much better that way.

Odd. That works better for me with weight loss, too. Hmm...