Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here I go!

Alrighty -

I'm not going to let the 11 auctions that ended last night with ZERO bids get me down. Nope. It was annoying, I'll survive.

(Although it sucks that I paid $.35 for each of those and saw NOTHING out of it...)

But -

Here I go -----

Tonight, I'm taking pics from the sewing studio.

I'm going to get ready to list about a hundred yards of fleece (different colors and cuts), about 50 yards of flannel (different colors and cuts) and about 30 yards of satin and velvet.

This is the time of year to do it, so that's promising. I was worried about the weight, but lots of fleece is selling, so I'm hopeful.

And I'm starting it dirt-cheap. I got most of the fleece and flannel for $1 a yard, so if I get my money back on it, I'll be delighted.

And ALL of it can go towards paying down the bed (our current target, just over $1000 at the moment), which is cool. Soon, we'll have enough paid down that I'll actually be able to work on the cc's that are actually on the pie chart on the sidebar!

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