Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well, a few things to report on!

Dh and I went to the State Fair on Friday, and I went again with my sister yesterday. Loads of fun, but stayed totally within budget, which was awesome. Gotta love it.

Got 10 bottles of Pert Plus botanicals from Kmart for free. There is a coupon for $3/1, and Kmart regular price is $2.99. Not even a sale! So I stocked up on those. It cost me $3 for the coupons + tax. So about $.35 a bottle after all that. I have 20 more coupons coming, and those will come to about $.26 a bottle after the cost of coupons and tax. And we were at Woodman's today - they have these same bottles for $1.99 - but I'm not sure if Woodman's will give overage. It sure would be cool if they did!!

Also got 6 bottles of Vive Pro from Shopko for free. They have a buy one get one free sale, and I have a buy one get one free coupon. All free! These will come out a little higher after the cost of the coupons, though - about $.39 each. Still worth it. And I still have a few coupons left for when they restock before next Saturday when the sale ends.

I start jury duty tomorrow and hope to get caught up on some reading. They pay $32 a day plus mileage, which should come to about $38 a day. If I'm there a few days, that will allow me to get caught up with my prof journals plus get a little chunk to send off to the bed debt. Not bad. Hopefully it won't be 10 days of sitting there bored out of my skull and no trial.

And we made about $25 on ebay sales. Not terrific, but not terrible. I have a bunch relisted and a few new ones, too.

Otherwise, I worked on getting laundry caught up, getting the kitchen back to normal, and trying to get the living room cleaned up. How exciting!


Anonymous said...

Great job with the coupons!!!

Abby said...

Congrats on getting some ebay sales! And just think -- no matter how much you get: you're getting space which is priceless.

Jennifer said...

Kris - your coupon purchase are fantastic! I love it! I need to get back into this. Will you share where you buy your coupons? :) Jen

julliet said...

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