Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, a few things are going on.

I officially ended up with over $700 on my ebay selling spree this summer. Exhausting! I'm really proud of myself for doing that. There's still more to go - I just need a break.

We changed insurance companies at work, and the decrease in spending on the premiums meant that our contract is higher. I'm getting just about $200 more a month after taxes - which was GREAT to see!

We are considering changing my student loans over so they qualify for the federal forgiveness program for teachers (not just low-income teachers - all teachers qualify - what a trip!). I need to find out a few things before we do so, but the worst that could happen is that our monthly bill will be a little less for the next 20 whatever years it would take to pay them off if we don't qualify for the loan forgiveness in 10 years.

And we might refinance next spring. Depends on what's going on with the financial markets (yikes!), interest rates, and if we have $2k sitting around for closing costs.

I'm rather burned out on the coupon front with some of the crap and excuses that have been going on with Walgreens and Shopko. After much shampoo do two people need? We donate a lot, and sold a bunch at the flea market this summer, but seriously...just kind of sick of the whole thing. I even cashed out our ECB's at CVS. Whoa!

My sister is planning to attend a flea market in early October, so I might join her. We'll see how tired I am - I'm flying out to NJ on business next weekend, so I might be too tired. Then again, it might just be nice to get some of the stuff out of here again. :)

Umm...I think that might be it on the finances front. We're still plugging away. I really wish we didn't have so much debt that we were sitting on while we head into such weird economic times. But...c'est la vie. We keep plugging.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Credit Karma

In my wanderings, I found the site Credit Karma ( ) - and got my credit score for free - they didn't require a cc number or anything. Looks like they "personalize" credit applications based on your credit score there, and that's how they make their money.

I was surprised - they had my score at 696, which I think is the highest it's been in over 10 years. Well, I guess it would have to be - the BK is over 10 years old this year. Go figure.

This falls into the "good credit" category. Huh. I'm surprised.

So...why can't I get any 0% interest offers? ;)

j/k - I know why. I just wish we could get more...