Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few good things...

One main good thing that's happened here with the markets being so crazy weird is that we've really cut back a lot. I'm sure the government wouldn't exactly be happy with that, but it has helped the stress level.

We've been out to eat once in the last two weeks, and that was because of an award I received with $1000 cash. We went out to celebrate with breakfast last Saturday. Otherwise, we've been really good about staying at home. This is BIG for us.

I'm also working on a stockup plan. I don't know what's going to happen, but I don't feel good about it. I honestly don't think we're going into Great Depression-like times, but I think it will be rougher than I've seen it as an adult. So dh and I talked it over, and we're going to get a few extra cases of veggies on Aldi trips, and I'm going to start going into the couponing sites a little more to see if anything catches my interest.

I do have some coupons on the way for: b1g1 free Neutra-air spray (dh loves this stuff, and it's double packaged at Walgreens for $2.50 this week, so I'd get 4 cans for the price of 1), skippy peanut butter $1/2 (also on sale at Walgreens this week with a 5 RR w/$15 purchase, assuming I can find that much peanut butter...but if not, P&S has them for a similar deal), and Gilette men's shampoo, $2 off any, and Walmart has the smaller size for $2 each, so FREE. 20 of each coupon, and I paid only $4 altogether. And I used ebay money that's still in paypal to pay for them. I like that.

I've also been drooling over organization systems: . What a cool site! I soooo want one of these systems!

I know, we can't afford it until we pay a lot more off, but wouldn't that be the coolest?

Okay. I'm weird. I know it.

I'm off to make dinner (homemade chili!) and watch Cavuto on Fox Business to see what he has to say about Dow drops today...again. Minus 700-some odd points, bay-bee...what's going on with that?


jpkittie said...

those are some great deals! I need to be more aware of deals like that to be had!

great job!

Rebecca said...

I have one of the Shelf Reliance systems and it is awesome! You will love it!!