Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor & Ebay & Freebie

Well, I finally went to the doc today for this nasty cough I've had for 3 weeks. They upped my asthma meds and it seems to be helping. A lot. Also got pills for bronchitis. I can't keep missing work. Ick.

And I relisted a bunch of stuff on ebay. Keep fingers extra crossed that they sell this time. I lengthened the listing to 7 days (I usually do 5 days), and got one more new listing up there. Man, I hope they sell...I want to get Wells Fargo paid OFF!

I watched Oprah today, too. She had Peter Walsh on, and there's a freebie - a free 8x11 hardcover photo book! I'm totally going to do one for my mom for xmas. You have to pay shipping, but otherwise, it's a $30 value!

1 comment:

jpkittie said...

Glad you went to the doc --- hopefully you are on the mend very soon

I am with you on ebay --- I really need to get some stuff up, but I am unsure if it will even sell! I am holding my breath for you!!! a little bit of extra will help a ton!

thanks for the heads up on the deal :)