Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Friday!

We've been doing really well on the not-eating-out. Really well. I'm very proud of us. We're actually marking it on the calendar, and even putting dollar amounts on the calendar when we're really tempted to go out, but stop ourselves. Dh caved earlier this week, but overall, we've eaten out once in the last 2-1/2 weeks. For us, that's terrific.

And for the times that we've wanted to go out but stopped ourselves, we've saved about $100! I can't believe we wanted to go out that much!

So...this is really helping us.

I told dh I'm really sick of spending money all the time. It seems that we can't even go to the grocery without dropping at least $30. That's very frustrating.

I did get 10 things posted on ebay, ending tonight...but it's not looking good for sales. :( Keeping fingers crossed that they'll go. I just want stuff OUT of the house, and I want to pay off Wells Fargo by March! That's a little over $ to do it, we need to sell things. Really.

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jpkittie said...

Congrats on not spending on eating out!!!!

sales on ebay & such are really a bummer lately --- I haven't listed anything myself in a while because I found that I was tired of just spending the $ in fees & not getting rid of anything!

good luck with the ebay tonight - I really hope that you sell your stuff