Sunday, November 02, 2008

November already!

Amazing how fast time goes by...just amazing.

Well, we did well at the salvage store - spent $36 and got a LOT of stuff.

The bad news is...we still are really struggling staying on a grocery budget. We think we're doing okay, and we justify a LOT. But...until dh agrees to switch over to cash, we just don't track it well.

I have done cash for groceries before, and it works, but we feel "deprived". I point out that once the crushing debts are gone, we'll be able to ease up a little, but we need to keep with the budget. It's very difficult.

So - we are trying something new. $50 a week + extra for dh to use the debit card (he usually just buys milk & eggs during the week if he runs to the store). Nothing else. We have so much in the house, this really shouldn't be a problem. We'll see how it ends up...


jpkittie said...

good luck - that is about our budget for groceries... it does us just great! (family of 3 - $250 mo.) Although I have budgeted $300 with Thanksgiving --- extra baking/cooking

We are on the envelope way of things & it is fantastic! We love it. Some months we get lazy & you can see it in our end of month numbers... we usually spend about $100 more! Eeek!

Good luck on the goals this month! Stay strong :)

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

tracking groceries is hard when you don't use cash - I just make sure to enter receipts on my spreadsheets the same day before I forget, and check them before I leave again.