Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowy Sunday

What a week! It's hard to believe I've had off since Wed. I told dh yesterday - because I'm doing stuff, it's not like it's relaxing time off that I notice. Wed is get ready for Thursday day. Thursday is visit with family day. Friday is shopping day. Yesterday was get over it day (and my birthday!). Today is...holy cow, where did this week go day?

Anyway - my mom was sneaky and gave us an early xmas present. You got it - she bought us a Wii! We've been playing with that for the last few days. I got some really good deals on games on Friday with the money we've been saving up to buy a Wii. Nice! And, she said she'll buy me a Wii Fit as soon as we can find one for a non-xmas-inflated price. yay!

I didn't get much else at BF sales. Got my CVS deals, which was nice. And a couple razors at Walgreens. I did splurge with birthday money and got myself a new robe (sorely needed - mine was literally falling apart!) and some pretty jewelry. I don't even feel bad because I never buy things for myself.

Otherwise, not much. I finished the work for my online class (YAY!) and printed up last years' tax return so I can do the FAFSA for spring semester classes.

It's snowing...and not supposed to stop until well into tomorrow. We're supposed to end with about 8-9". So...I might be home tomorrow. That would be sa-weet, only because, like I said, I feel like I haven't even had time off. I know, I know...I'm lazy. :)

Have a nice rest of your weekend...the Packers lost :( and the evil Vikings and the evil Bears play tonight. I'm in trouble - I want them both to lose. :)


Ryan Healy said...

Hey, it's snowing here, too! (In Denver, Colorado.)

I've used the time off to organize, put up Christmas decorations, read, etc. A good mix of productive and relaxing activities.

jpkittie said...

yeah! your wii!!! so happy for you -

happy belated birthday

i couldn't agree with you more that we also need a day off to recoup from the holiday weekend!

love the snow :)

Generation Millionaire said...

We are also trying to live a much simplier lifestyle. My husband and I have backgammon tournaments while sitting in front of the fire. Beats fighting the crowds for things I do not need or really want.