Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Update

Great football weekend! The Badgers won in a great game yesterday, and the Packers won today against the Bears. Woo hoo!

Money - we've overspent this week due to my sickies. I just get so exhausted at the thought of little things making potatoes or something...and we went out way too much. I get into a 'screw it' kind of mood when I'm sick. I need to get over that.

I'm keeping the weekly groceries low because of that. HOpefully it will work.


jpkittie said...

good - see, you have a way to balance the overspending --- good thinking :)

hope you are better now... dd has had a cold for the past 3 weeks & just when I thought that I was going to miss it - my throat is starting to hurt :( oh well... maybe I can get out of going to thanksgiving dinner at sils ;)

Jennifer said...

Hope you're feeling better. :)

jpkittie said...

Hope all is well with you ~

I tagged you today - take a look at my blog for details :)