Saturday, November 08, 2008


Only one thing (out of 10) sold on ebay last night. :( It's just a bad time to be trying to get stuff out of the house...I'm hoping it will get better before Christmas.

I have about 10 boxes in the garage that need to come downstairs to the basement to be stored until flea market season next year. I want to go through them and get two boxes packed to take to my mom's on Thanksgiving for her to take to her antique booths. That means sorting and pricing. She said she will take them to one of her booths (she has three) as space permits. She lets me drop stuff in there without having to pay the overhead -- I tell her to take out the 6% commission that the antique malls charge, but she usually doesn't. So...that could get stuff out of the house as well as help us get Wells Fargo paid off by March.

I've started a new ticker for WF...maybe that will help keep me on track!

Also - thanks to jpkittie for the info & link to Cindy's Porch! Love the site! I'm so excited to find someone a little less...intense...than Flylady. (Love Flylady - just can't keep up) I'm looking forward to looking around the site a little more!

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jpkittie said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! :) I love it as well! Glad you find it useful.

Isn't it a shame that nothing is selling on ebay? It is wonderful that you have your mom to take stuff to try to sell for you as well! We have a few things posted on Craigslist & haven't gotten anything! blah!

Lets hope things start to pick up before Christmas, I could use some extra $ for gifts & just to stay afloat!!!

Have a great weekend