Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It felt really good to get the taxes done this year and out of the way. Something else to cross off the list, you know? We are getting a small refund ($23) from fed, and larger ($1100) from state. Our state is weird -- if you do the same witholdings for state as federal, you almost always get a larger refund. I'm not complaining (much), but that $100 a month "extra" sure would be nice...I hate letting them have my money all year long.

Although it will be nice to get $1100 deposited into the bank! We should be able to pay OFF the smaller of the 2 BECC's! Woo hoo!

And...we will probably be doing a balance transfer for part of the bigger of the BECC's. We paid off Citi, which offers a 0% BT for 8 months, then 14% interest. 3% BT fee. Sounds high...but considering we're paying 30% interest on that card, it's a freakin' DREAM! I just need to get them on the phone and get it done. That would drop the last BECC to about $6500 or so.

Still no word on the new job front. It's all a waiting game. My friend has not heard if she is being offered her new position, which means that her position is not open yet. Wait wait wait.

About it on finances. We've been lazy this month -- physically, mentally & monetarily. I have kicked myself in the pants, and plan to get back with it (all three!). I just feel icky, and want to get to feeling better. Payday is next week, and I'll see a $50/month or so raise (before taxes) due to finishing a class last fall (which moves me along the pay scale), add that to getting rid of some of that debt and those minimums rolling into the snowball, and we have a pretty good thing going!

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jpkittie said...

atleast you don't have to pay :)