Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Dh and I went to a festival tonight - it's pretty much the kick-off for summer around here. It's free parking, free entry, free ride from the parking lot to the grounds, super-cheap food ($1.50 brats!), free was really, really nice. We had a blast! :)

We got the reimbursement check from when I was out in NJ - about $760 or so. I need to get to the bank in the morning. Dh is hoping/planning to call a heating & A/C guy to come service our A/C in the kitchen. We dont' have central air - there's no ductwork in our home. Our heat is radiant heat, so no ducts = no possibility for central air. We have a large A/C built into the wall of our kitchen, and then we use a portable in the bedroom. But we've been here quite a few years and have never had the kitchen one serviced - and it's just not working well. I've cleaned the filter, but it needs more. Hopefully, it will not be a huge expense.

And then, we need to call a plumber for the busted pipe in the back of the house. I can't water my garden without that to hook the hose up to, so if I want a garden (I do), we need to fix it this spring.

Between those two, that $760 is probably gone. At least...well, it's not going on a cc, so that's a huge thumbs-up.


Jennifer said...

Yes, not going on a cc is a really big thumbs up!

jpkittie said...

free free free - nice nice nice!

good luck on the repairs ~ you are right, atleast it isn't on a cc! that is definately a step in the right direction for sure!!!