Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some time off...

I've had off since last Thursday since my summer class had a hiatus. The prof had a meeting in Greece, so we did an extra day last week (class is supposed to be M-W) and have this week off.

What have I done? Not much. What a slug!

I did get a lot of free-after-coupon stuff (my latest hobby, loads of fun!), and got them organized and packed away. Went through a lot of the stuff to cull for the food pantry. And I've stared at the mess in the basement quite a bit...haven't done a lot with it yet, but I've sure stared at it...

So today is "hump it" day. I have 4 bags of free-after-coupon stuff to take to the food pantry. I have three bags to go to Goodwill. I have 2 boxes that I need to get outside for the recycle guys. I need to go through a bunch of stuff to get it together and priced to take up to the antique place where my mom has a booth. And...yeah.

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