Friday, July 17, 2009

Do one thing at a time

I've hit the point in the summer vacation where I'm bored just sitting around in front of the TV and computer. The good news is...this means stuff will start getting done!

I've been allowing myself to do just parts. I always do this to myself -- that I avoid doing things because I don't have the stamina to do ALL of it (like, finishing the entire bathroom remodel from a few years ago, or getting the whole basement back in order). I've given myself permission to do some. It's okay that I do part and then walk away to finish another day. The really funny thing is that stuff is getting done!

I've gotten about 6 bags of stuff to Goodwill and 3 bags of garbage out of the basement. And you know what? It's already out of the house - I already took it to Goodwill even though it wasn't an entire carfull of stuff. I did some filing, too.

Another example: I really dislike the setup I have for our shredder. It's the kind that fits over the top of a garbage can. Well, I don't have a can for it, and it doesn't fit right on the can I have in the office, so I was going to take the $30 gift card we have for Best Buy and buy a new shredder. It occurred to me -- duh...just get a new garbage can! Found one that will work at Walmart for $3. It will be set up as just a shredder, and I can keep it up there all the time. Voila!

Today, I worked on the spray painting in the bathroom. We chose a stone texture spray paint for the register and the laundry chute (this is when we remodeled the bathroom 3 summers ago and never finished). Well, I found the spray paint, and got it all set up -- and finished the spray painting for the room! I was so excited and proud of myself!

So, I'm counting this as working on money stuff, just because. This is stuff we paid for years ago, and organization and getting this done is worth a LOT to me.

Wow...I may even finish the bathroom remodeling stuff this summer! That would ROCK my WORLD! lol

As for sales: sold another book on and got the deposit. I have a LOT ready to go on ebay as soon as I figure out the internet issues downstairs.

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jpkittie said...

look at you go! That is fantastic!

keep it up!!!