Monday, August 17, 2009

What do you mean, a week??

Wow...I return to work next week. That seems to have come by so quickly! I'm in panic mode - I haven't finished the basement. Or the garage. Or the compute room. Or the bathroom. And I know that things will grind to a screeching halt once I return to work. Ugh.

So I have a list for today, and I will be happy if I finish those things. Then, I'll make one for tomorrow. And I'll just deal with it.

Ebay sales have been decent. We'll clear about $50 after fees & shipping with what ended on Friday, and right now we're looking at another $70 minimum with what's ending today. Woo hoo! I'm pushing to get one of the medical bills we've had hanging for awhile paid off, and hopefully a second, too. I'm not sure if I'll make my $500 goal by Labor Day, but I'm working on it. There's still a ton to put on ebay, and one of my goals for today is to get at least 3 things listed.

We've also been doing very, very well on eating out. Last month (June 20 - July 20), we ate out 9 times. This month (July 20 - Aug 20), we are looking at 7 times. I told dh and he was all "that's outrageous!". I said, instead, let's look at it as a game and see if we can get it down to 5 times next month, and then 4 the next month, etc. It sure would help the budget out.

I'm not going to update the ticker until we have the money in hand, so it stays...:


jpkittie said...

sweet!! good job on limiting the eating out!!! you are right, just go down one each month, that will be amazing for you :)

good luck with the ebay sales!

Jennifer said...

You are so good about ebay! I'm jealous. I am struggling with whether I should just get rid of all our junk (donate) or try to sell the stuff. What kinds of stuff are you selling to be making such good money?

Eve said...

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