Friday, August 07, 2009

Three weeks

That's all I have left before I return to work. Crazy! It's a huge amount of time, of course, but when you look at where we are...well, there's still a lot I'm hoping to finish before I return.

Yesterday, dh and I went to the State Fair, which was a lot of fun. I enjoy that so much, and it was a pretty day for it. I usually go twice, and my sister and I are planning to go again on Monday. So yesterday, we could kind of stroll around and just see what dh wanted to see. Very nice.

This morning, there was a ton of rain heading our way, so I quickly loaded up the truck and got a HUGE load to Goodwill. If I hadn't today, it's very likely it woudln't have happened until next Wed - it's supposed to rain all weekend, Monday I'm probably going to state fair with my sister, and Tues, dh has an MRI scheduled, so I'm not sure how much we could get done. So it was awesome to get things out there.

Also had a huge load for the garbage dudes, including the ickiest of the bookshelves, which we tore apart pretty easily because of the moldy issues. Slowly but surely, the basement is coming together.

Money-wise, today's plan is this: (1) update Quicken, and (2) get some stuff listed on ebay. I've been putting both off, so that's time.

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jpkittie said...

good for you - you have been having great success on your time home!!! you will return to work feeling refreshed b/c of all the things you got accomplished during the summer!!!