Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Halfway through 2007...

It's hard to believe that June is just around the corner!

I just did a new tally on the debt. Our total unsecured cc debt it: $13,477.11 (or at least, that's what Quicken has right now. I'm sure it's bigger because of daily APR, etc).

In other words, about $200 more than it was last summer, before we paid the fridge off.

Granted, we had two car emergencies. 'Course, if we had and could keep an emergency fund, that wouldn't happen, now, would it?

I've said it way too many times - but I'm so freaking sick of this, it's painful. I'm sick of it. Just no other words - sick of it.

I've been working on meditation and taking care of myself on the personal side - it's time to start showing that on the financial side, too. I am my own worst enemy...and I am a bad role model for my economics students. I am working with the state on personal finance curriculum, and I can't even take care of my own debt.


It's going to stop. We're going to get back up to $500 in savings (we're at $200 right now). We're going to start paying extra on the BECC's (Big Evil Credit Cards). They are NOT our friends. They have been unwelcome guests for far too long, and we WILL pay them off. Not this year, maybe not next year, but in time - and we WILL be systematic about it.

Goal: by the end of 2007, we will:
  • have at least $500 in the savings account for emergencies
  • have our total cc debt down to $11,000

Yes, that's only $300 increase in savings and $2500 paid off on the BECC, but it's a goal and I'm sticking to it. We can DO THIS.

Okay. Now I'm off to post more stuff on ebay. My basement is bulging at the seams! :)

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