Friday, September 07, 2007

Lessons learned (AKA Murphy enters...stage left)

We've been following Dave Ramsey's program for a few months now, and when s(#* happens, it's just easier to say that Murphy has arrived ("What can go wrong, will").

It was our car this time.

It took us 4 days and about $210, but I think we fixed it really well this time. It's not overheating, and it's running great. The A/C is working now, too (side benefit - we didn't actually pay to have that fixed).

Then, our big hard drive fritzed out. As in, all our photos (our Vegas pics! Waaah!), all our home movies, genealogy information, home directory with scanned in medical records, tax return forms, house info, car info, you name it. All our music files - over 15,o00 of them. All of it. Gone.

Luckily, the local computer geeks can do recovery. It's been 2 days. It's going to cost us about $230 ($100 for data retrieval, $130 for a new, smaller drive to put it on).

The only good thing there is that we only bought the big drive in Jan (less than 12 months ago) and there is a 5 year warrantee on it, so we will be sending it back to be replaced.

So, our BEF is no longer sitting pretty at over $700. It's not quite a start-over, but close.

I'm not angry - but it's very frustrating. It took a long time and a lot of work to get that money together - and in 3 days - it's GONE.

So...I'll sign this as frustrated, annoyed, and a tiny bit angry. Not about what happened, really (we saved ourselves from worse financial stuff -- buying a new car was looking like a necessity), but over our situation. Lots of "woulda coulda" things there. If we hadn't fallen into the credit card trap (again)... If we had only saved up some money for the car, when we knew it was getting old... If we had only backed up the stupid drive like we know we should...

Lesson learned:
  • Look at this as incentive to keep going on building the BEF.
  • Keep in mind how lucky we were that it wasn't too expensive, and we had the CASH, so we were able to keep the cc's locked away.
  • Back up the drives if it's something important, no matter how long it will take you!

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Jennifer said...

That's awful! At least you had the cash on hand. You'll build your BEF back up in no time. :)