Saturday, September 01, 2007

August 2007

I haven't been keeping track of income & spending this month. The beginning of the school year always throws me off. We had inservices all week, and the little darlings return on Tuesday.

  • Finished wedding dress + 3 bridesmaids' dresses
  • Increased BEF tremendously - about 75% complete
  • Received curriculum writing checks + one reimbursement check from work
  • Learned about couponing and had a lot of fun buying stuff for 85-90% off


  • Couponing has been fun, but it does trigger my shopping addiction. I spent too much money. Not terrible, but more than I should have - that money belonged in our BEF. (I do, however, have a nice stockpile started...)
  • That overspending has bled into other areas - we ate out WAY too much.
  • At this moment, we are unable to pay the cable bill and cell phone bill without hitting the cc's. I still have a few days to find the money, so I'm waiting. I may need to take it out of the BEF to teach us a lesson - STOP SPENDING.
  • Didn't finish my "to do before school starts" list
  • Did not get anything listed on ebay, written for Associated Content, or listed on etsy.

Goals for September - non-work related, but things that can help us finish the BEF and get going on paying down the BECC's (Big Evil Credit Cards):

  • Ebay has free insertion fees for the month of September. I need to list stuff. LOTS of stuff. I will make a goal of 25 things this month - 25 auctions FINISHED by the end of September. No problem. I can do that.
  • Organize the ebay area of my basement so I know what I have. Not truly money-making on it's own, but it will help get things moving.
  • Write at least 3 articles for Associated Content.
  • Only complete couponing deals if they meet one of three criteria: (1) the item is FREE and we will use it or donate it, (2) the item is under $1 after coupon/sale, and we will use it ourselves, limit of 10 per deal, or (3) item is at least 50% off and we really like it but don't use it all the time, limit of NO MORE than 5 per deal. The other part of this is that we NEED it - I don't need more hair coloring, conditioner, or toothpaste (but I will take those if they are FREE so we can donate it).
  • Work in the sewing room to get items made and ready to sell on etsy.
  • Update my business web page and work on moving more traffic. Set up a shopping cart. Delete the wedding dresses, etc, and get things on there that can be immediately purchased. You know, nothing huge. (gulp)

All right. That, of course, is in addition to the job teaching HS social studies that I do in my spare time. :)

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