Saturday, February 28, 2009


Sometimes it seems like I'm here a LOT, and then I look and it's been days and days since I posted anything. Weird. Life happens, ya know?

Well, we sent the taxes off and the refunds are already in our hot accounts. We have been able to free up so much money in our budget since we paid off those little bills - we're able to send over $400 extra every month to the debts, which is amazing.

Dh and I need to sit down and go through things to make sure we have things set aside (our truck has a flat tire, so we need about $125 aside for that, in hopes that we can plug it instead and send that $ to the cc, too, and I need to set aside some $ for driving to Madison for classes - forgot to keep that out). Then, we can send a chunk to the smaller BECC, hopefully over $1000, and have that paid off next month. That will be...just freakin' amazing.

I have gone through some of the boxes of junk in the basement that I used last summer at flea markets & the rummage sale. I really don't want to do a rummage sale this summer - my life has enough stress in it at the moment. My mom & sister have booths in antique malls, so I've gone through 3 boxes, sorted & repriced things to go to their booths. The rest is going to my sister, who will rummage it this summer. Nice. It will be gone, out of my house, and I may get some cash from the antique malls, but otherwise, honestly, it's just nice to have it gone. I still have about 10 boxes to go through, though.

We've been doing well on the grocery budget, which feels really good. I need to get to CVS (they finally called about the raincheck from the day after Thanksgiving - the free razors), and Walgreens (they have free tin foil this week, gotta find my coupon...).

Okay - I"d better go hop in the shower. We're driving up to my mom's today to meet for lunch. Even though we all live less than an hour apart, we tend to let life get in the way, and I made a suggestion that we get together at least every other month for lunch. That's going to be nice. So today up there, Easter at our house, and then we'll see what we feel like.


jpkittie said...

wow - so nice to see you back - i've missed ya!!!

alex said...
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Kris said...

spam spam gutsy is it to ask for a link to a cc on a blog dedicated to getting rid of my cc's?

Ballsy. Really.

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