Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kicked in the ass...again...

My m-i-l died last weekend.

We had the money put aside for one visit, which we made two weeks ago now. So, this visit had to be charged. We flew down, stayed in a hotel, rented a car. Much more expensive, but eased the stress of an 7-8 hour drive tremendously. Food, too - we had a fridge, but no microwave. I haven't gone into Quicken yet, but it's probably close to $1000.

I hate that.

We got back home yesterday, and today I got a call from the local Ground Round. I put an application in there last month. So I have an interview with them tomorrow. I figure if they will give me Fri and Sat nights, I can try it and see. If it starts affecting my work (teaching), I'll just have to drop it. But with a Fri and Sat night, I could reasonably make $150 extra/week that could go to paying down the bills.

Dh hates the idea, but I have no clue how we will keep up with the bills if I don't get something else. Ebay only goes so far. Speaking of which, I have to get some things listed in the next couple of days...

Also still planning for a rummage sale. My mom is helping rather nicely, giving us crap to put out there. :)

Total owed to cc: over $10,000 again. :(


lpkitten said...

oh no! i'm sorry to hear about your loss! good luck with the interview, i hope things work out. :)

Karen said...

Keep your head up...things will get better. {big hug}