Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spending money

We started demo on the bathroom last night. I got all the icky plastic tiles off the walls except for the ones behind the vanity and behind the toilet tank. It exposed waaaay more mildew than I'm comfortable with. Sinus alert! Headache! Asthma attack! We're going to have to get some of those nifty little things that cover my nose and mouth before I can do much more in there. I couldn't even take a shower - i washed my hair in the sink and took a sponge bath.

I'm sooooo looking forward to having a new bathroom...maybe I can even take a bath again instead of shower... ~sigh~

Summer school was worth it this year if the check gets us our new bathroom. The bad part is that it won't go to the cc's, but I don't think I'd make it through another winter with the bathroom in such bad shape without getting pretty ill.

So it's worth it. :)

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