Monday, July 10, 2006


We blew our budget again.

Not only that, but we've used up almost all of our savings. We have about $50 left in ING, $30 in our regular savings. We're $80 over our cc#2, and at limit for cc#1. I have no idea what we'd do if something happened to the car or house.

I hate this.

I'm really good at kicking myself in the butt over this kind of stuff, because it's mostly me. I eat out too much. Crap, I just eat too much. It's not dh - it's me. I don't feel like cooking on some I talk him into going out to eat. I eat breakfast on the run. We make runs to the smaller grocery here in town - to get milk, etc - and if dh goes, he just gets what we need. If I go, I end up with chips, cookies, other words, loads of crap we don't need.

I need to stop this.

~Put together new items for web page
~Check out to sell some stuff
~Load ebay up with all our auction winnings to get caught up and get money back in savings.
~Dh to check out night watchman job at local RV park.
~Check into part time job at local fabric shop. (Less stressful than than waitressing, but less money)

I think that's a decent plan. Timeline: by the 15th. That gives me 5 days to get a handle on these things.

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