Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still here!

It's been a busy few weeks - finishing summer school, finishing curriculum work, and finishing the wedding dress/bridesmaids dresses I was contracted for. But that's all DONE!

I've been floating around the Living Like No One Else boards ( and really learning a lot. We have our Baby Emergency Fund up to $533.74! (Hey, just may actually be higher because of interest paid at the end of possibly a few cents (literally) more!) Soon - we'll have that up to $1000 and will start paying on the cc's.

I have a few goals before school starts up in a few weeks. They're pretty easy goals, it just depends on how much time I decide to set aside for them. :)

  • Linen closet tally. I took advantage of the great Kmart/Duracell/P&G coupon. Seriously, I did this quite a few times. You buy a package of batteries and 2 P&G products and receive a $10 giftcard immediately. No limits on the coupon, etc. S0 - basically, you buy some stuff, get the $10 and can do it again. We got approximately $200 retail worth of linen closet supplies for about $20 out of pocket. Not as good as some people, but a great deal for us. do I remember that I have 3 tubes of toothpaste and 7 bars of soap in the linen closet? I'm thinking I need a tally, or I will forget. I'm really good at that.
  • Freezer tally. I haven't seen the bottom of our chest freezer in ...ages. I'm not sure what's down there. 'nuff said - I need to find out what we have.
  • Pantry tally. Same thing.
  • Ebay. I need to get ebay stuff organized a little better as we go into Fall. I have a ton of autumn/winter/xmas stuff that will need to be posted starting in Sept/Oct. I have waaay too much stuff that has accumulated near my sewing studio that needs to be moved and/or listed to get it out.
  • Craigslist. I have at least two bigger things that I want to get on Craigslist - a large dorm fridge and a basement post. Neither is really ebayable, and I'd like them out.
  • Determine if we will do the flea market on Labor Day weekend. We have so much stuff that's not really rummage sale-able - it's too vintage and worth too much for a rummage sale, but would work nicely at a flea market. The market is about 2 miles away, so we wouldn't spend a lot with having to drive the truck out there. The real question I want to/do I have the time to organize and mark all of that stuff?
  • Get some articles done and posted for Associated Content, too. I need to get over myself and let them be exclusive. It pays better.
  • Gardening/canning/freezing. I have tomatoes and cucumbers coming in that need to be taken care of. 'nuff said there, too. :)

So...there's more, but that's a good start. Just so much to do...and so little time. I also know that I won't do some of that once school starts (like the linen closet/pantry/freezer tallies. They just won't happen).

Okay...obviously, none of that will happen with me sitting here playing on the computer. ..


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paidtwice said...

I miss you posting chickie! Come back!

To get you out of hiding, I tagged you in Moolanomy's MOMA Meme... come by my site to read details!

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