Thursday, August 07, 2008


I really wasn't moping this long, but you guys are very sweet for your notes. :) We left to drive to KY on Friday morning, and I just ran out of time! Our "vacation" was hectic and frazzled (everyone wants to see dh and there's only so many days), but we ended it with a day at Natural Bridge State Park in KY and it was wonderful.

And, we paid cash.

And, we didn't go over budget.

So that was just cool.

I was able to get 17 auctions ready to post while we were gone, and they're ending tonight. Not a ton of bids, but with any luck they will go higher before they're done, and there are a lot of watchers, so that's good.

Not much else going on. I'm still tired from the trip, and it's kind of hard to get my rest. I just completed some training to work with the state, which will give me another $200 to put towards...probably paying off the bed. And I plan to work on getting some more stuff ready for flea markets and ebay. So -- it's all good.

I really don't like looking at the whole debt picture because it just brings me down. I need to take smaller steps. Or, like they say - how do you eat an elephant?

One piece at a time.

I need to focus on that. I do much better that way.

Odd. That works better for me with weight loss, too. Hmm...


Abby said...

Well, I'm glad you weren't moping this whole time. And that you're back on track!

I'll be interested how your efforts go.


Mare said...

Welcome back! And congrats on staying on budget - that's awesome!

Ryan Healy said...

Always good to enjoy a vacation without going over budget or going into debt. Nice work!