Saturday, October 25, 2008


Time has been flying by so quickly...I guess it's just that kind of school year. It's already the end of first quarter next week. Go figure.

Okay - money-wise. We've been doing pretty well in the budgeting category. We have not been overspending, which is nice. Dh did get a new watch (desperately needed - his was falling off his wrist as well as dying every few days even when we bought a new battery...twice...), and I got a second pair of work shoes so I don't have to wear the same ones every day, or, even worse, wear the ones that hurt my feet so badly. We haven't been going out to eat a lot. We've been behaving.

What's going on? ...someone might ask. Well, we've been lucky enough to have the desires to go buy on opposite days - when I'm being naughty, he's being strong, and vice versa. I say "lucky" because we haven't both been weak on the same day yet. :) :)

Last week I bought two extra cases of canned goods from Aldi for us to stock up, as well as three cases of canned goods + 2 packages of ramen to donate to the food pantry. Food pantries are in trouble around here - donations are down, and wants are up. Dh will hopefully take it over this week (they're only open on Wed afternoons).

This weekend I plan to work on organizing in the basement somewhat -- and getting back into ebay mode for this month before Christmas gets too weird.

We did get the $1000 award, and I got $625 for the work I did out in New Jersey last month, so I need to go do the bills for this month and see what we are able to send off to the bed. We owe just a little under $1000 on it, and I would dearly love to get it paid off. Soon. We need to put some of that money aside for Christmas (spent that money in the ickies of Sept), and for a doctor bill that insurance isn't paying. But hopefully we can send a chunk so we can get things moving.

We're planning to go visit a salvage foods store in Beloit today, too. It will get us out of the house, and I can see how much we could possibly save on stuff there. I love salvage foods places, and in the 10 years we've lived in WI, we have never been able to find one. There's a big one in KY where we go visit his family, and I'll usually pack the car up as much as I can with stuff from it, usually for about $20, we'll fill up the trunk. I'm so excited.

Yes, I'm weird...


Wendy said...

Hi Kris (rtp)
It's good to be back. I think I really missed it. I really think my getting a new car really took a toll on me. I haven't posted on my favorite message board in months and I rarely posted on my blog. Am I a hypocrate? How can you get out of debt when you splurge on a new car??

That aside, you'll have to let me know how that can roller idea goes! I don't have good can storage and on the cheap wire things they built into our pantry -- you can't even stack them high otherwise they fall over!! I can use storage ideas!

WTG on the little spending deal. My dh and I are kind of like that too...where one is strong when the other is weak. We aren't always lucky that way -- but at least our spending sprees don't equal TOO much when we do.

My Girlish Figures said...

yes you are lucky since you don't have to worry about losing your house or anything major...i'm glad things are looking up for you