Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Basement

What a weird few days it's been.

We have water damage in the basement, much worse than we originally thought. I have some mold issues, but they don't seem to be as bad as it looked two days ago when we started. The #1 problem is that we have so much crap down there, it's very difficult to tell what's going on. So that's been my focus the last couple of days.

I figure, I have to purge/sell/whatever about 70% of what's down there in order to make this liveable space. I have no room to move, much less to breathe down there. This is difficult.

I have emptied two of the bookcases down there, and they don't seem to have as much damage as I originally thought. I purged a lot of books. Dh has been very helpful and purged VHS tapes that have been sitting down there for years.

So far, 2 bags of books that have to be thrown because of mold damage, but this will become worse. I found out about the damage because I took one of my photo albums out of the case, and it has creeping mildew. Luckily, my mom has copies of the pics and she's planning to scan them in anyway. So much of that will need to go.

I took a carload to Goodwill today, and I"m sure there will be more to go very soon. I have piles and piles to go on ebay, which I hope I will get to tonight. Maybe this will get me to my $500 goal of sales by the end of summer. Not really how I wanted to do it, but...

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jpkittie said...

good luck to you - that sucks, but atleast your mom has backup photos!!! That is a great thing.