Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's Saturday already?

Believe it or not, I'm happy with how the unfinished side of the basement is. I got rid of a LOT of stuff, and organized the ebay area so it will be easier to use. It feels really good.

Now, on to the harder stuff I've been putting off. The finished side.

Well, on a good note: got another load to Goodwill, and took four boxes of stuff to my mom's antique booth yesterday. Another plus, being able to spend some time with her. :) And all of that stuff fit in her booth! That was awesome! Brought one box home to take to Goodwill for Mom, and three empty boxes to refill and take to Goodwill. Good deal.

I also got to use my raincheck from Target for the Electrasol. I stopped at a Target up in Madison on my way home yesterday and they had enough to fill my raincheck. I purposely chose a teenage boy to checkout (yes, I profile checkers...), and it went relatively smoothly. He scanned them all, then scanned my first raincheck (I actually had two, each one had 6 on the raincheck) and the price came off of all 12 with the first raincheck! So I got the second one back - I could go back and get more if I really wanted to. We'll have Electrasol for years. Really.

dh and I went to the county fair last night, so my back is saying it needs some rest today. I might try to tackle some of the ebay stuff today. We'll see. :)


jpkittie said...

sweet! sounds like a very productive past few days!

Jennifer said...

That's great! I have yet to tackle my basement - and it needs it!