Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I'm so creative in my titles... ;)

I have an interview with Olive Garden this afternoon. Hopefully, it will turn into a part time income for the summer. The nice part is that I have all the power - if it sucks, I'll just leave. We don't NEEEEEEED the money - it would be nice to meet some goals.

I started going through the stuff we bought at auction on Sunday. I was able to go through three boxes last night (had to mow the lawn), but nothing listed on ebay. Which ended up being a good thing, because a week from yesterday is a holiday, and nothing sells good on a holiday.

One of the boxes I got for a buck is about 150-200 little cookbooks - kind of like the kind you see at the checkout at the grocery store, "400 ways to cook Spam", but from the 1920's - 1950's. I figured I might get something out of them. As I was looking on ebay, though, a lot were selling in small lots of 10 or so - for $10 - $15. We might make our $55 back (we spent $75 there but bought a few things for ourselves) with just this box!

So - I'm trying to decide how to post them. I figure I have three options: (A) go by food types - a listing for meat recipes, desserts, etc. (B) go by years, a listing for the 1920's, 1930's, etc. There are some terrific ones from WWII years - "cook with your victory garden" and what not. Or (C) a combination - 10 booklets from 1920 - 1945 or something like that.

Dh is interested in doing the auction/ebay thing. Especially with this "win" we got at the auction on Sunday - a car full of stuff to sell for $55 + a cart for his workshop + a really nice occasional table for me + a couple other things for us ($20 altogether, give or take a little bit). If we could keep $50 set aside for auctioning, he could hit auctions on the days when we couldnt' go together, and buy up some stuff to try. There's the chance, of course, that we'll get stuff that won't sell...which would probably go in a rummage pile to have another sale next spring. Ugh. But hey - we usually do really well ($600 at the last one!), so maybe this would be worth it.

And dh is interested in it, which is good. We could repay ourselves that $50 as things sell, and he/we could go out and get more. That $50 investment could really help us build up the EF and pay off bills.

All I have to do is grit my teeth and release control of ebay...I am such a control freak...

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