Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jobs, Part II

Dh called the temp agency and the forklift job required heavy lifting. He's so disappointed. :(

Olive Garden interview is tomorrow at 3pm.

Goals for today:

~Get my ebay table back in business (we took it out of the basement to use at the rummage sale at the beginning of the month)

~Go through at least two boxes of stuff from the auction (that's sitting in the garage) to see what we have and triage for ebay.

~List at least two things on ebay tonight. I have a handful of things already photographed and ready to go.

~Talk dh into working on my computer in the basement. He's been saying for months that he wants to make it faster, add things in, etc (our home is a veritable Frankenstein's lab of computer parts) so I can post on ebay better. Maybe a little push is in order.

Sounds good.

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