Sunday, July 15, 2007

Five days to payday - and we still have $200 in the checking account.

Say wha...?

That's SOOooooo not like us. Granted, we had to use some of the slowly building BEF to get car repairs to the tune of $350. But, seriously. We never have this much 5 days before payday.


And, that's not including the $25 money order we have from an ebay sale, nor the $80 I won at Ho-Chunk the other night on 2-penny slots. So...we're in really decent condition.

We got some groceries tonight, and filled up the gas tank so I can get to work - but otherwise, we're set for the week. That means that whatever's left on Friday can go to the BEF in the HSBC online savings account!

PLUS - the $25 money order, and the $80 from the casino.

Too cool - I can hardly wait to see what our savings will be up to! Once we hit $1000, we're going to start plowing away on the smaller of the BECC's - the one at 30% interest.

Oh - we also sold a text on for $50, so that should be deposited soon, too.

(rubbing hands together in glee)

Oh! And we have over $100 in paypal that we can transfer over, too!

We'll have our BEF within a week and a half or so! (summer school paycheck is on the 26th)


Jennifer said...

Hi Kris! I nominated you for a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award! :)

paidtwice said...

yay for having money left over!


it is an amazing feeling I am hoping to replicate at the end of the month lol

LeighAnn said...

Look at you go!

Keep it up!!!!

blair hill said...

I found your blog from Amy Bass's (isn't she so inspiring?) and just thought I'd quickly add, what a GREAT feeling it is to know that tomorrows payday and you aren't dead broke. It rarely happens for the hubby and I because we are trying to pay debts off as fast as we can, but it's always nice when it does happen!