Saturday, March 01, 2008

Alrighty then...I need to get back in the habit of jumping on here more often. I usually say to myself, "but nothing's changed with the debt, so why bother?". But it really helps me stay on track, and that's good.

We got the BEF back to $1000. I feel so much better when we do that! It's amazing how your mindset changes. Up until last summer, we were lucky to have a couple hundred in savings, and it was usually there just in case we needed more grocery money, etc for the month. Now, that security gland goes into overdrive when we aren't up there at 1k. This is a good thing. :)

We are using envelopes this month for groceries and blow money. We already ate out, and our budget really only allows for that once per paycheck, which for normal people is nice, but we are used to going out more, so that's been a struggle. We are also not used to using cash with groceries. Dh ran to Walmart and came back with 2 bags and this big ole frown on his face, saying "that $20 you gave me doesn't last long...". This week, I thought we had really minimal things to buy, but it was just under $50 at the checkout. We have about $60 to last us through 3/20. Keep fingers crossed. We can do this - we just have to work it out.

We haven't had any exciting breakthroughs. We do have almost $400 that is sitting in the checking account - dh wants to make sure we "make it" through with a budget this month before we send it to the cc's. I can live with that. Sometimes, we need that cushion, and it's no surprise that I'm a little more involved in this than he is. So it can sit there until payday - no problem.

I'm planning my rummage sale for early June on the city wide rummage sale day. If we don't sell the queen bed before then, we'll have that, and we plan to put out the couch and the crappy recliner dh has had in the computer room for years. We have a smaller house and want to buy a recliner for the living room, since neither of us can sit comfortably on the couch without killing our backs. We also have a papasan chair from my mom that she wants to get rid of, and an atrocious exercise machine that I thought I had seen the last of, but she is giving back to me. All of that will be our "big stuff". Then, there is a lot of vintage and collectibles from auctions last summer, and of course, the junk that you find at all rummage sales. I'm hoping for a couple hundred dollars. Enough to buy the recliner would be sweet.

And I'm finding more to ebay - right now I have some Easter collectibles from auctions last summer, some old "Ideals" magazines for Easter and springtime, and a few DVD sets - season one of House, season one of Little House on the Prairie, and one season of Bob Ross painting. All are selling well - we should get about $90 or so for those three DVD sets together. NICE!

Okay, I guess I did have more to say than I thought. More proof that I need to stop by more often. :)

Have a nifty weekend -

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Financially Broke said...

Congrats on getting the emergency fund back up!

I hear you guys on sitting on the money until you know you have made it through the month before you send it in... the big test there is to NOT SPEND IT ON NON NECESSITY ITEMS before you send it! It is so tempting and easy to do when the money is there! That is my biggest challenge, anyway. Because even though I DO want to get out of debt, I have competing wants that vie for my money! :)