Thursday, March 27, 2008

I did it! Finally!

Okay - I got two things listed on Craigslist - keep your fingers crossed that they will sell.

I finally got the bed listed - couldn't list the sheets, etc because of their rules, but got the bed & frame listed.

And I listed a wedding dress for a friend. The wedding never went through, and she just wanted to get rid of the dress, so she gave it to me (she knows I make the christening gowns with wedding dresses and figured I could use it - she wanted nothing in return). I thought it would be fun to sell and just give her a bunch o' dough. She and her new guy are planning a weekend away and it just tickles me to think I could help by doing this.

Anyway - I was very excited to actually get off my duff and do it! I've been able to get a lot of stuff crossed off my list this week, and that's been really nice. Also took a bunch to the food pantry and to the humane society - got a lot out of the house! Sa-weeet!

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