Monday, October 15, 2007

Dave Ramsey on Fox Business Network

Well, I tried to watch Dave Ramsey on FBN last night - our cable provider had the channel all set up - but it wasn't broadcasting! I was so bummed!

I was excited about watching the first night...I even called the cable company to ask wtf, but they said since it was a new channel, there were problems with getting it set up!

What a bummer...hopefully it's working tonight.


Jennifer said...

Well, at least your cable company has the channel - mine doesn't! :(

I'm so bummed!

If you see it tonight, let us know how it is! :)

Dustin Sherrill said...

I am still waiting for SuddenLink cable to offer Fox Business Network in my area (Nixa, MO). I have been asking for it since December. Grrr!