Monday, October 29, 2007

The computer's back!

I'm so excited - dh fixed my office computer! We had to buy a new motherboard - but we found one that was compatible with the RAM we had and has an onboard graphics and sound card - so $60 fixed this computer. We did NOT go to the BECC's, and we did NOT use our mini, desperately needs to be increased BEF. I am SOooooo proud of us for that. We had exactly $60 in paypal after ebay sales, fees, and shipping stuff that we had to transfer over. How's that for providence?

so now - I can get ebay back on the road. I've spent some of this down time organizing the basement and sorting through auction boxes for what can go on ebay and what will go in the rummage pile. It was good.

We made about $70 on ebay stuff in the last week, while the computer was down. We're waiting on two more money orders, but two came on Saturday, so we have another $45 or so, but have to subtract shipping costs from them. I need to check our funds - these might have to go to get us current. But if not, they are being whipped into the BEF before we can even think about it!

We've done very well since payday - no outlandish spending. I did have to go grocery shopping - "big" grocery shopping, but still stayed well within our budget. That felt great.

Meals are planned, computer is working, no use of the BECC's, and life is great. :)

Although I was fantasizing on what life will be like with no payments...can you imagine? After the house is paid off, we'll have over $1500 a month to do other things. That will be amazing.


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