Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well, VA did it!

The rebate finally posted to our account yesterday. Instead of $1200, we received $227.51, because VA seized the rest of it.

I am...okay with it. I am glad that the VA bill will be down below $1000 again (it should be about $500 or so now), but will we get through the month?

Sometimes, it takes me longer to learn the lessons I need to learn. I'm a big girl now, you'd think this wouldn't be so tough!

Okay - here's the plan.
  • Pay the cable bill.
  • Pay the cell phone bill.
  • Call the cell phone people to switch to pay-as-you-go, which I was supposed to do FOUR freaking months ago. (Another..'why the hell do I do this to myself?' thing...)
  • Transfer the $50 or so that's in paypal.
  • Figure out where we're at. I will NOT fall behind on bills again. We can cut groceries a LOT - we're not anywhere near starving.
  • Give my boss the hours sheet for the curriculum work I've been doing. That's $23 an hour, and if I got the check with the May paycheck, that should be close to $800 or so. Then, we could pay off the dryer and get started on paying off the bed.
  • Get off my doof and get some things posted on ebay.
  • Get off my doof and go through the rummage pile to see what I could take to a flea market in town the weekend of the city-wide rummage sale (which I can't take part in because of the construction on our street this summer).

Okay. That's a plan. I can do that.

(It doesn't help that work has been so stressful lately. That will ease in about 3 weeks. My bp should drop back to normal levels after that. And that's also the #1 reason I haven't been posting much well as the #1 reason we fell off the wagon with eating out. Ugh.)

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