Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No news...

Well, I haven't heard from the bridal shop yet. I really hope she calls. I haven't decided what I'm going to do if she doesn't call...still thinking on that one.

Tonight I'm going to post more on ebay. We had two more successful endings, but not huge things. About $16.00, and no one's paid by paypal yet. But we did get the money order for one sold last week, so that's another $11 in our checking account, plus about $25 deposited from So we'll get through the month without raiding paypal. That's a good thing.

We sold an almost complete set of Time-Life books for about $50 last week. He pays by paypal, so it's sent out the next day. He emails me yesterday (after already leaving positive feedback) to say that one of the books is missing. I, of course, have no proof that I mailed all of the books that I said I did. So I look all over my little ebay room, all over the computer room (I may have brought it up here to write the auction, because the book he says is missing was damaged and I wanted to make sure that I put down what was wrong with it) - the book is not in this house.

So, short of calling him a liar, I am offering to pro-rate the one book from the total purchase price and refund that amount. It would be about $5, and I can live with that. It's cheaper than having him send them all back to us and having to refund the entire amount + 2 way shipping. And then he'll be happy. My gut tells me that book was in the box, but what can you do? We have 100% positive feedback, and I take pride in that fact, and the fact that we are honest people trying to clean out our house, not a real ebay business.

Sometimes ebay really sucks. All that drama.


Vicki said...

You did the right thing with the ebay guy. It's still money you didn't have before, even if it's less than you were hoping.

Good luck with the seamstress job, i hope you get it!

Bailey said...

Good job on selling stuff on E-Bay.

I also do that, and while I accept Paypal, I do not have it linked with my bank account. I'm a bit leary of giving them access to my account.

Have you had problems with this?