Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good grief!

The water bill came today - 3x it's normal amount!

The toilet has been running longer than normal, and I think we finally figured it out...but jeez...I didn't know that was going to run the water bill over $80 higher than normal!

I'm glad we have the BEF...this would have been a disaster a few months ago. ick.


Kim said...

$80 for a leaky toilet? Yikes!

Mommy Cracked said...

Ouch! We had a leaky toilet this week that caused us to have to rip out carpet in my son's bathroom. I don't even want to THINK about the water bill. I love your blog and I love Dave Ramsey. I'll be tracking your progress. Good luck!

Dump the Debt said...

UGH. We have had that happen too. If you get it fixed and take the receipt in to your water department, you should receive some kind of compensation!!

Financially Broke said...

One summer a few years ago, I was watering the grass in the backyard. I came inside to start dinner.... and after dinner, dishes, some laundry, bath time, story time AND 30 minutes into the news, I remembered I still was watering the back yard! The yard was a freaking swamp.... but my water bill only went up by 10 dollars. Lucky me, eh? 80 dollars for a leaky toliet sounds a bit much..... Have you called and asked the water company about it?