Thursday, January 24, 2008

Money Today

I forgot -

Christening gown: Paid for and will be sent out tomorrow.

Sold on etsy: one child's poncho

Sold on one textbook

Total right now that can go back into the BEF: $160.97 I need to recheck our numbers, but that might get us back to $1000.

Ooh - forgot, a reimbursement check for $75.

Oh, but I did forget the $200 for the car stuff - a "chip" key + 2 remotes for the alarm (did I mention we have an alarm on the new car - but no remote to turn it off? Sucks how much that cost to get new ones...).

So...not at $1000 yet. But soon. I have plans for ebay within a month or so.

Our tax return is not looking amazing. So far, federal return is at $40 or so. I'm waiting for Tax Act to release the WI state version to see what we'll get from the state. We might not even be able to go to KY this spring - it might have to wait until summer. That would stink - dh hasn't seen his family in quite awhile...

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Jane said...

oh... can you post the link for your etsy shop? I'm addicted to etsy! I just love to see how creative people are!