Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ignorant People

I haven't been over at Associated Content for awhile, and so I hopped over there today and was just poking around. Now, I teach Econ to high school students (not sure if I ever mentioned that to y'all), and it just pisses me off sometimes how uneducated people can get their (incorrect) information across to people and make them scared!

I ran across the following article...well, then again, I don't want to link it to give him more page views. He basically said we're in a recession right now because of "high" unemployment (he states 5% is high, which is it NOT, that's actually a pretty healthy unemployment rate - it's always necessary to some degree because people leave jobs, move, etc), gas prices, and the national debt.

Tphhhhhhhht. That's all I have to say about that. A recession is marked ONLY by real GDP. That's it. And real GDP is not declining. It's still rising. Smaller than before, but still rising. telling people that those things mark a recession, he scares them.

Yeah. That's fair.

So I wrote an article. My first in quite a few months. I'll post the link once it goes through.

I need to get back over there. It's a good resource and the chance to get some extra money for ...not that tough of a job. It's not a lot, of course, but every little bit helps us get the BECC's off our backs. :)

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Financially Broke said...

5% is high? Really? It amazes me how when it is 5% under the Bush Administration, that is high, but when those SAME NUMBERS were under Clinton, it was LOW. Isn't that funny?

Is it really that hard to realize that the economy goes in cycles? There will be ups and downs as the market readjusts to outside influences as well as new technology and advancements. These adjustments are necessary!

I understand from a Micro point of view these things affect a LOT of household budgets and people want to tear their hairs out of their heads. But on a Macro level, these adjustments happen and are necessary to keep our society moving forward with innovation. A certain beloved family board game which pretty much EVERYONE has heard about, if not played, was created and developed during the Great Depression. No, no one wants to think about these things, but instead of looking at a slowed GDP as inherently horrible, perhaps people should look at a slowed GDP in a more realistic world view as an opportunity for GROWTH.

But yeah - it does really stink for the average household.