Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I gave myself permission...

well, last night, I broke down. I gave myself permission to use the CC at Walmart. I have no good excuse. I was feeling crappy, I was tired, hungry, and very much in "princess" mode.

The good news is...that I didn't do it. I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy enough to use the cc.

I think that's amazing progress. Don't you?


Leslie said...

YES! It's absolutely progress!!

I'm right there with you, getting "weirder" every day! ;)

Way to go!! :)

My Girlish Figures said...

WOW that is great...i'm like you sometimes i just get into these moods where i just want to buy doesn't matter what it is just something....that's when i brign out the the gift cards...than like you i may have a basket or handful of things and than when i get to the front i start i really need this? it's great like you i walk out with maybe or one thing or sometimes even nothign compared to what i just had in my hand.

Financially Broke said...

Congrats on NOT using the card! :)

I remember way back in the day... I used to go to Wal-mart and load up my cart.... then I would walk back through the store and put everything back. This was before I had credit cards. I would end up buying one thing or nothing from what I had picked out. I probably should really get back to that type of financial living.